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    Cheval Tools


    2 piece Contour Gauge profile measuring tool (10inch widened + 5inch) For Copying corners, woodworking, laminate flooring. Angle finder for DIY handyman, gift to Trace any shape easily

    • 📏📏EASY TO USE  📏📏: This solves the problem of figuring out your cuts to lay tiles around corners, flooring pipes, commode, etc. Just place against the desired object for it to duplicate the shape of it; Will make cutting tiles and odd shapes a breeze. As easy and quick as it sounds
    • 📏📏SMOOTH PINS TO COPY PROFILES ACCURATELY📏📏: The pins on our contour gauge will slide smoothly yet are sturdy and will stay in place after copying. Perfectly copy any odd shape without getting frustrated for a contour gauge with lock that won’t work
    • 📏📏TWO DIFFERENT SIZES  📏📏: This Contour Gauge contains two different sizes for versatility. Includes one 10-inch widened and a 5-inch contour gauge to duplicate shapes. Widened version has deeper teeth that will allow you to copy bigger, wider, more irregular shapes with accuracy and precision
    • 📏📏WIDENED TO COPY DEEPER SHAPES  📏📏: The 10 inch contour gauge is long enough to copy longer shapes. It will perfectly trade the edges of odd shapes, deep enough for wood carving work, cars, boats, copy deeper angles, get inside your fireplace and measure uneven textures and many more
    • 📏📏TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF YOUR HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECT 📏📏: This smart tool will help you locate angles, measure angles for picture hanging, locate regular or irregular edges and accurately transfer their shape to the material to be cut

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